(Doc, 13’, 2006)

Author :Blaise Pascal TANGUY
Director : Guy josué Foumane & Sébastien TEZE
Producer : Blaise Pascal TANGUY (Cameroon)
Co producer : Denis PRYEN (France)

Became a Handicapped person at the age of years of 5 years because of wrongly administered Quinimax, Young Bernard Momo, 30, today has refused the destiny that pushed him towards begging that is the other of the day for most Handicapped persons. For this reason this guy called “man pass man” (a man that is greater than man) decided at the age 14 years, began trading from which today he lives from this trade with his wife who is 7 months pregnant in his little bungalow.
While waiting to become a father, “Man pass Man” moves from one market of Yaoundé to the other to sell his goods. Namely, sweets, biscuits and cigarettes, which he carries in a suspended basket ground his neck.  He knows that it is out of pity that he happens to make money from his sales, but this does not stop him from following his destiny by creeping!

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