(Doc , 52′ , Cameroon)

Author :Blaise Pascal TANGUY
Director : Guy josué Foumane & Sébastien TEZE
Producer : Blaise Pascal TANGUY (Cameroon)
Co producer : Denis PRYEN (France)

In the African continent, the informal economy shoot-up as a prime source of revenue for its inhabitants. The street has became the center for all sort of businesses. The black-market which holes mainly one the streets, foot parts constitutes the base of all human resources. Today, 2/3 of the populations survive from this kind of activity. On can seek for a place and constitutes his business. Today, it is the only way to make ends meet in an almost developing society pushed up with inequality.
In Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, we carry out some sort of follow up of make ends meet from their days works we make people see the reality of Africa. Which means that this continent boils with momentum and a hell of energy that its inhabitants posses and their kind of society is not compared to any one of its kind,  because it is based on a strategy to make ends meet.

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